About Mike Weed - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

About Mike Weed - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

Mike Weed was a legendary skateboarder, who left an lasting mark on the skateboarding world during the 1970s. His groundbreaking tricks and fearless approach to skateboarding inspired generations of riders to push the boundaries of the sport.

Mike Weed was born in Southern California. he was not only a skateboarder but also a pro surfer for a brief period of time.

Mike was one of the pioneers of modern pool riding. He skated vert, freestyle, slalom, and downhill. His innovative approach to skateboarding led him to develop new techniques and styles that are still influential in the sport today.

Mike and his friends discovered the Brea Spillway before its destruction. They also skated the Escondido Reservoir in its early days. The historical significance of these locations cannot be understated, as Mike and his friends were among the first to explore and enjoy the Brea Spillway and Escondido Reservoir.

In 1975, Mike witnessed the world’s most advanced skating at the Del Mar Nationals. Inspired by what he saw the top skaters of the time do, he began practicing freestyle, slalom, and downhill relentlessly.

Hobie Skateboards re-launched their skateboard team, and Mike became the captain. Initially, money wasn’t the driving force, but his talent propelled him forward.

Mike’s second-ever pool riding session featured some of the first kickturns on vertical. Skateboarder magazine showcased these groundbreaking moves.

Mike graced two consecutive Skateboarder covers and was featured in a “Who’s Hot” profile. He also appeared in the films Freewheelin’ and Spinning Wheels skateboarding films.

Mike traveled the world skateboarding and having fun until around 1979, when he decided to start his own skateboarding brand. Mike designed and marketed his own conical skateboard wheels, called Weed Wheels.

Mike was famous for his radical approach to terrain, from reservoirs to the Mt. Baldy Pipeline and challenging pools. As he shifted his attention to freestyle competitions, his performance continued to mesmerize audiences.

Unfortunately, Mike Weed passed away in 2014, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of skateboarders worldwide. He remained passionate about both surfing and skateboarding until the end. Mike left behind his wife, Leslie, and son, Richie.

Mike Weed was more than just a skateboarder; he was an exhilarating performer who pushed boundaries and inspired generations.

Mike Weed, Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Jim Spring, "Skate Mon-star" Skateboard Video

"Mike Weed, Tony Alva, Jay Adams at the Fruit Bowl, Garden Grove, 77-78. Filmed by Kyle Martin".