Skateboard Stickers - A Brief History

Put simply, skateboard stickers are a form of urban youth culture and street art. Sticking surf brand stickers onto skateboards dates back to the sport's infancy, and the practise is thought to have originated with surfers in California. Brands like Santa Cruz had a hand in both skating and surfing, so when skateboarding gained its own following, stickers dedicated entirely to the skateboarding appeared.

Screenprinting was common for skateboard stickers in the sport's early days, but digital printing became the norm in the 1990s due to its lower production costs and greater efficiency.

One of the most popular skateboard stickers of all time is the Screaming Hand by Jim Phillips, Jim was also the art director at NHS (Santa Cruz and other notable skate brands), where he designed thousands of decks, t-shirts, stickers, and advertisements for brands Santa Cruz and also, Independent Trucks, Road Riders, and OJ Wheels.


Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard Sticker

Original Old School Skate Stickers can fetch considerable sums because they have been around since the sport's infancy.

Vintage Santa Cruz stickers are the most sought after of the old decals, but stickers from other brands like Zorlac Skateboards, Gordon & Smith Skateboards, Alva Skates, Blind Skateboards, World Industries Skateboards, Vision Street Wear, Makaha Skateboards, Hobie Skateboards, Bennett Trucks, Tracker Trucks, Gullwing Trucks, Powell Peralta S.S., and Hobie Skateboards are also highly collectable. Collectors who value the past and the nostalgia of skateboarding culture and history seek them out frequently.


Collectible Skateboard Stickers

Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Creature Skateboards, Powell Peralta Skateboards, Polar Skateboards, Rip N Dip, Alien Workshop Skateboards, New Deal Skateboards, Antihero, and Thrasher Skateboard Magazine represent only a few of the current popular Skate sticker brands.

Skateboard Stickers

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