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George Powell and Stacy Peralta created the American skateboard company Powell Peralta in 1978. The business became well-known in the 1980s as skateboarding developed as a sport. The organisation featured the Bones Brigade, a group made up of the best rivals of the time. In 1991, Peralta departed the business, but Powell, Bones Bearings, and RollerBones carried on making skateboard components. To create the business's now-classic inventory under the moniker Powell Classic, the two firm founders got back together.


In 1957, George Powell started building his own skateboards while attending Stanford University to study engineering. Powell's son arrived and requested a skateboard in 1974. Powell's son complained that the vehicle did not ride smoothly so Powell took an old one out of the garage. Powell rekindled his interest in skating after realising how much better urethane wheels made a skateboard ride. Powell was inspired by this and began creating his own skateboards and wheels. He purchased urethane, then made his own wheel bakes. He also created his own composite boards by using modern materials like aluminium and fibreglass. Stacy Peralta participated on a test ride on one of his flexible slalom boards.

Powell relocated from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara after losing his position in the aerospace sector in order to launch his own skateboard manufacturing company. Powell created the anti-blackie deck in 1976 and sold it through Sims. The Quicktail was next in line.

Foundation of Powell Peralta Skateboards

Powell and Stacy Peralta founded Powell Peralta in 1978. Peralta took over advertising and team management. They created the Bones Brigade skateboarding team in 1979. (name unrelated to the wheels).

Powell Peralta Team Members

The Bones Brigade was a skateboarding team that rode under the Powell Peralta, and later, Powell banner. During the years, notable Bones Brigade members have included:

Bones Rodriguez, Ray
Saiz, Steve
Barbee, Ray
Steve Caballero
Gelfand, Alan
Godfrey, Jami
Guerrero, Tommy
Guerrero, Nicky
Kevin Harris
Goodman, Chad
Tony Hawk
Brandon Novak
Bucky Lasek
Macdonald, Andy
Mariano, Guy
Martin, Cameron
Mike McGill
McKay, Colin
Lance Mountain
Rodney Mullen
"Q" David Occhiuzzo
Steve Rocco
C. S. Senn
Jim Thiebaud
Mike Vallely
Danny Way
Frankie Hill
in Welinder
Underhill, Ray
Steadham, Steve
Matt, Flight Deck
Caravello, Perry
Jason Ellis


The Bones Brigade videos were produced by Powell Peralta beginning in 1982, and they were some of the most important skating videos of the time:

The Bones Brigade Video Show Skateboard Video (1984)
Future Primitive Skateboard Video (1985) 
The Search for Animal Chin Skateboard Video (1987)
Public Domain Skateboard Video (1988)
Axe Rated Skateboard Video (1988)
Ban This Skateboard Video (1989)
Propaganda Skateboard Video (1990) (1990)
Eight Skateboard Video (1991) (1991)
Celebrity Tropical Fish Skateboard Video (1991)

Downturn and formation of Powell Corporation
Smaller companies like World Industries started to emerge in the late 1980s and began to steal market share from the larger ones. As many of their riders left and either founded or rode for those new independent businesses, Powell Peralta suffered. Powell Peralta was rebranded Powell Corporation after Stacy Peralta left the company at the end of 1991.

Powell's filmography
Hot Batch Skateboard Video (1992)
Chaos Skateboard Video (1992) (1992)
Play Skateboard Video (1993) (1993)
Suburban Diners Skateboard Video (1994)
Scenic Drive Skateboard Video (1995)
Strip Mall Heroes Skateboard Video (1998)
Magic Skateboard Video (1999) (1999)
Bones Bearings Class of 2000 Skateboard Video (1999)
FUN Skateboard Video (2009) (2009)

Bones Bearings
Bones specialises in Skateboarding wheels. Skateboard parts like Bones Bearings and wheels are still produced by Powell.

Powell Peralta Reunion

Decks have been reissued by Powell Peralta under the Powell Classic label. In a new collaboration, George Powell and Stacy Peralta are reissuing some of the original pro models under the Powell-Peralta name. Models by Steve Caballero, Ray "Bones" Rodriguez, Mike McGill, Steve Steadham, and Mike Vallely are currently being reissued. Powell-Peralta merged Powell Skateboards and Powell Classic at the end of 2010. The current squad, called Professionals, features Steve Caballero.

Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, an artist, was reported to have returned to Powell-Peralta in March 2011 and was creating fresh work for the Company.

Cultural references

In a number of movies, Powell-Peralta Skateboards were featured.

Near the end of the 1992 movie Encino Man, Brendan Fraser's character Link is seen riding a skateboard deck created by the Lance Mountain Family (Lance's son). In Dave's room, a poster for Powell-Peralta is plainly visible.

The "Crew" can be seen in one scene of the teen-angst/skateboard movie Gleaming The Cube (1989), starring Christian Slater and featuring an early cameo from Tony Hawk, applying skate transfers to public property, some of which may be of Powell-Peralta design. Moreover, Slater's portrayal of the title character Brian can be seen donning a pair of Powell-Peralta Lizard Bones Black Sweat Pants.

In 1987's Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, the majority of the Bones Brigade made an appearance in a skateboarding scene.

The Bones Brigade was addressed in the lyrics of Teenage Bottlerocket's 2009 track "Skate or Die." If we play our cards well, maybe we might join the Bones Brigade. We're fighting the poseurs of the day.

The lead track "Hornets! Hornets!" on the Hold Steady's 2005 album Separation Sunday references Bones Brigade with the lyrics "She's got those Bones Brigade videos. She knew 'em back and forth. She slept with so many skaters."

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