About Skull Skates

Skull Skates is one of Canada’s longest-running skateboard companies and has a rich history. They are known for their high-quality, durable skateboard decks that are designed for performance and longevity.

The foundation for Skull Skates was laid by PD’s Hot Shop, which was established in 1976 in Nanaimo and located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

The Skull Skates brand itself was officially established in 1978 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The brand has a long history of providing quality skate products to skaters across the globe.

Skull Skates is known for playing a significant role in inspiring the artwork of iconic skate brand, Powell Peralta Skateboards.

Skull Skates also left their mark on the world of snowboarding and the skate brand gained recognition when famous celebrities were spotted wearing their gear.

As of now, Skull Skates continues to connect skaters, artists, musicians, and freedom fighters worldwide through their web presence at SkullSkates.com

They remain a respected and enduring force in the skateboarding world, celebrating their legacy and contributing to the skate/snowboard communities.

SBC Video Interview with PD of Skull Skates:



Skull Skates began in April of 1978 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s founders were the Ducommun brothers (Rick- who has skateboarded since the mid sixties and Peter (P.D.)- who began skateboarding in 1972).

Malcolm interviews the legendary PD at the newly revised 109 East Hastings a.k.a SBC. PD has been a important ingredient of many radicals who have helped and supported SBC along the way. PD's not only a legend, he's always right there with Malcolm and Andrew making new history, SBC history."

A few quotes below from the Skull Skates website—go check out their site for the full History of Skull Skates.

"The original company was “Great North Country Skateboards” and used a black and white Yin and Yang symbol as it’s logo. Shortly after, the name was abbreviated to “G.N.C. Skates”. This is when P.D. designed the new logo known as Skull Skates."

"At the beginning of the 1980’s Skull Skates moved west and relocated in Vancouver, British Columbia. The first retail shop was opened near Stanley Park just in time to take part in the outdoor rollerskating craze. This was the spot to get the latest Skull Skates gear and replace the toestops of your girlfriend’s rollerskates."

"In the middle of the 80’s Skull Skates had relocated again, this time landing in Van Nuys, California – “The Valley” a suburb of Los Angeles. It was here that international distribution and sponsorship of skaterswith production pro models took place. The eighties boom was in full swing and Skull sank deep in the devious entity known as “The Industry”."

"During the California years Skull Skates had associated itself with some of the following skaters and groups: Steve Olson, David Hackett, Christian Hosoi, Mondo, The Godoy Brothers, Tod Swank, Duane Peters, Jonny Ray, Skatemaster Tate, Gang Green, The Vandals, Social Distortion, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. At one point, the “Hosoi Hammerhead” skate deck was available in three sizes and about twenty different fluorescent and pastel color combinations. “Yeah Holmes”…"

"Other notable achievements of that era included the “Dead Guys” graphic and coffin shape template and also the Tod Swank :moon and Star” deck with deep side cuts and pointy nose featuring Islamic flag graphics at a time when the U.S.A. was at war with Iran."

"Back in Vancouver we have quietly continued along our wayward path producing a large variety of products in small quantities. The brand line currently includes skate decks, wheels, skimboards, BMX frames, guys clothing, girls clothing, caps toques, bags, patches, stickers and other such useless consumer goods."