About Vision Street Wear Skateboards and streetwear clothing brand

About Vision Street Wear Skateboards and streetwear clothing brand

American company Vision Street Wear makes clothes for skateboarding and BMX. Brad Dorfman started the company in 1976, and early skateboarding stars like Mark 'Gator' Rogowski and Mark Gonzales were supported by the company.

Even though the company is best known for its skateboards, it also sells t-shirts, hoodies and shorts as part of a clothes line.

Launching of Vision Street Wear
Greg Evans made the first pro model skateboard for former skater Mark "Gator" Rogowski in 1984. It was sold by Vision Sports. This was followed by a release of a pro model deck for skater Mark Gonzales (1985) and the iconic "Psycho Stick" (1986), both designed by Los Angeles-based artist Andy Takakjian. Soon after that, Vision made a deal with SIMS Skateboards to make and sell products under the SIMS name. Gonzales made a few more pro models for Vision before leaving to start Blind Skateboards with World Industries, which is a play on the name Vision.

Brand Vision Street Wear
With a surging popularity of skateboarding in the mid 1980s, Vision Sports launched the 'Vision Street Wear' brand, making clothing, and later shoes, as well as shifting targeting to include the BMX industry.Greg Evans came up with the bold logo, which was based on the "FRANKIE SAYS RELAX" t-shirts that were popular in the summer of 1984.

Sale of Vision Brands and Licencing
The 'Vision' trademark was sold in 2004 to Collective Brands, a subsidiary of Payless ShoeSource. In 2009, the company attempted to relaunch the Vision brand with an exclusive deal through Finish Line.

Collective Brands sold the licencing rights to Vision to Authentic Brands Group LLC in 2014.

In popular culture
The Vision Psycho Stick skateboard is on the INXS album Kick, which came out in 1987.

In the music video for "Unbelievable" by EMF from 1990, a Vision shirt gets a lot of attention.

When Brazilian band Sepultura played on Matéria Prima in 1991, drummer Igor Cavalera, who used to be in the band, was seen wearing a Vision shirt.

Former Vision Street Wear Skateboard Team Members

Tom Groholski, John Grigley, Mark 'Gator' Rogowski, Mark 'Gonz' Gonzales, Marty 'Jinx' Jimenez, Don Brown, Joe Johnson, Ken Park, Lee Ralph, Johnee Kop, Primo Desiderio, Kele Rosencrans, Mike Crum, Mike Crescini, Chris Gentry, Joe Gruber, Bo Ikeda, Buck Smith, Billy Joe Yarborough, Kevin Staab, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Nate Sherwood, Rich Cooley, Tas Pappas, John Reeves, Ryan Carpenter and Chris Miller.

Vision Street Wear Skateboard Videos.

Skatevisions - Vision / Vision Street Wear Skateboard Video (1984)

Psycho Skate - Vision / Vision Street Wear Skateboard Video(1988)

Holiday Havoc - Vision / Vision Street Wear Skateboard Video (1988)

Barge At Will - Vision / Vision Street Wear Skateboard Video (1989)

Alphabet Soup - Vision / Vision Street Wear Skateboard Video (1991)