Rip N Dip / RIPNDIP Skate Stickers just added!!
Hope you've all had/still having a good Christmas... wherever you are in this crazy world!!

Today we've just added some mint skate stickers from everyone's favourite cat-related skate sticker company - Rip N Dip.

This series of 5 skate stickers from Rip N Dip comes under the name 'Taste The Rainbow'.

There's a Lighter in there with the flame taking on the Rip N Dip text, a triple set of eyes on our dear Lord Nermal, Lord Nermal with a Fuck U, on the decks with Lord Nermal, and finally, a cute as you like 'My Little Pony' parody, which comes with a backdrop of Rainbows, Toadstools and Stars.

See all these mega stickers (especially for all you cat lovers out there!) HERE