Eric Koston | Skate Register: The West LA Courthouse

"The West LA Courthouse is arguably one of the most famous skate spots in Southern California, if not the entire world. In the second episode of our Skate Register series, Eric Koston takes us through the extensive history of The West LA Courthouse's contributions to skating from the early 90’s to present day, covering each era of progression that has pushed the evolution of skateboarding.

With The Courthouse's iconic stage, the fountain, the 4 stair, a 33 foot long outledge, and an infinite amount of ledges to string lines together with, the courthouse is essentially a public skatepark in the streets. In fact, @nikesb purchased the grounds and designated the space as a legal skate spot in 2014 and the public has been skating it just about every single day since.

From the infamous switch flip switch manual by Chris Roberts, to the mind-blowing amount of unbelievable tricks Nick Tucker has done on it, the amount of skating that has happened on The Courthouse's sacred stage could tell a tale 10,000 pages long. But luckily for you, we won't make you read a novel. Instead, we put together a comprehensive collection of just about every significant trick that has graced the courthouse's grounds since we began skating it in the early 1990's. Listen up as Koston takes us on a trip down memory lane as we pay homage to The West LA Courthouse in 'Skate Register."

Courtesy of The Berrics