Free Skateboard Stickers

We love Free Skate Stickers as much as the next dude but hey, we simply can't give all our stickers away!

However, there is a way to get Free Skateboarding Stickers from us...

For every 5 Skate Stickers you buy, we will include an extra random Skate Sticker of our choice (unfortunately we can't do requests). For example, buy 5-9 stickers and we will throw in an extra, buy 15-19 and we will include 3 extras.

Also, even though the Free Skateboard Stickers we send will be random, we will make sure we send one(s) that are similar to what you have purchased. For example, if you buy 3 Spitfire Skate Stickers and 2 Santa Cruz ones, we will include an extra Spitfire, or failing that, a Santa Cruz one. If we are unable to supply the exact same brands,we will include another company that is in someway similar.

For buyers of old, rare skate stickers, please note that we will only be able to include regular priced freebies.

All our Free Skate Stickers come from the stock you see on the site - you will not receive any inferior cheapos.