FORGET ME NOT | The Madars Apse Video Part Skateboard Video

FORGET ME NOT | The Madars Apse Video Part Skateboard Video

"This six-minute belter from everyone’s favourite Latvian contains all the ingredients of a timeless Madars Apse video part: innovative, inventive skating, a different eye for spots and a personal style all of his own.

With footage garnered from the streets of the world, our global skate ambassador has assembled a part which showcases just how well-rounded his talent and creative instincts really are.

Soundtracked by a a stone-cold 90’s jam and with an end section which starts wild and ends on a rocket ride that most of us would sensibly avoid, this is a master skateboarder at the height of his powers.

Madars Apse is a skater’s skater, and we are proud to present ‘Forget Me Not’, his brand new personal Red Bull Skateboarding part for 2023. As always, enjoy!

Director: Ira Ingram - Speedwoble

Filmer: David Hoang,Guillaume Perimony, Daniel Galli, Arturas Jendovickis, Martinas Agafonov, Travis Adams, Jack Thompson, Rich Smith, Ed Gaba, Tuan Nguyen, Martin Fobes, klavs laivenieks, Jimmy Astleford, Mark Stewart, Ira Ingram

Producer: Ira Ingram - Speedwoble"

Courtesy of Red Bull Skateboarding