Stefan Janoski "Inhabitants" Skateboard Video

"Stefan's video part from our 2007 full length video, "Inhabitants".

Member Berries from Joe Castrucci:

'Sometimes you hear a song and you know within 30 seconds that it's perfect for a specific skater. The video was due in less than a month. Stefan and I didn't have a song picked. I had all the Kinks albums on my computer and one day while doing some yard work "Animal Farm" played on shuffle from my iPod V.1. I could visualize it within 30 seconds. Stefans relaxed style and surprise hitters would work perfectly with the vibe and pitch changes of the song. I sent Stefan a rough and he agreed immediately that it was the right fit. I think when I asked if he liked the song he replied "Duh". For those who have been through the agony of finding music for a skate video, this is rare and usually pure luck.'"

Courtesy of Habitat Skateboards