The Mighty Handful

"The Mighty Handful Critically Endangered skateboards x Larry pants.

Words by Vadim Abramov: We skated three years on Planet Earth; no borders and no nationalities here. Why?

I can describe myself as if I am looking at myself from outside with these words:

“Half-Russian, half-Ukrainian Vadim Abramov, Critically Endangered skateboards owner, identifies himself with nothing but nature, empathises with the citizens of Ukraine, and misses his beloved city of Kyiv. He brought together many friends in this collaboration with the Larry pants brand.“

It's a pain inside me. I have more relatives in Ukraine than in Russia, and they were almost bombed too, but survived. Some military bases are so close to the houses of my relatives in Zhitomir.

Kyiv is my favourite city in the world, Almaty is the second. So many times I had the best times in both.

Now I live in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and I feel like I’m still living in 2013. I can’t believe the way the world is going after 2014, because we just want a world without war. I was in Kyiv in 2018 and it’s me, bombing the hill and doing a 5-0 at Maidan in Revolutions on Granite.

As the director of this project, it’s my story about what I skate with my friends. Not only for fun, not only to keep from going mad, but for Peace.

Thank you.

Featuring: Evgeny Mumrenkov, Dmitrii Avdeev, Artem Kruglikov, Vadim Abramov, Andrey Fedotenkov, Timur Dobryanskii, Vlad Zhitnyuk, Alexandr Tingaev, Daniil Smirnov, Roman Rudenko, Serafim Illarionov, Magomed Ashurbekov, Ruslan Umarov, Dmitrii Brodov, Evgeny Nikolayev, Zahar Belolugov

Filmed by George Obukhov, Pavel Sedov, Evgeny Mumrenkov

Edited by Abramov Vadim & George Obukhov."

Courtesy of Free Skateboard Magazine