About Chris Miller - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

About Chris Miller - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

Chris Miller was born in California in 1967 and honed his skateboarding skills on the unforgiving concrete at the legendary Pipeline Skatepark in Upland, California.

In 1985, he became the National Skateboard Association’s amateur series vert champion.

Chris turned pro in 1986 for G&S, and from 1986 to 1992, Chris consistently placed among the top 10 in pro vert contests worldwide. He won a dozen or more contests outright and was featured on four Thrasher Skateboard Magazine covers and three TransWorld Skateboarding Magazine covers.

Chris was known for his speed and style, taking every new trick variation, such as the Crossbone Air, and advancing it to its furthest potential and most fluid conclusion.

Inspired by skate legend teammate Neil Blender, Chris drew all of his own board graphics. This DIY approach led him to launch his own brands in the early '90s, including Adio, Holden, Planet Earth, and Signal.

In 1990, he founded Planet Earth Skateboards, one of the world’s first environmentally conscious skateboard brands, and they were well known for their iconic skate video: Now 'N' Later

His artistic talent extended to designing his own board graphics, his pro model decks featured striking designs that reflected his unique vision.

Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create the Adio shoe brand between 1998 and 2005. Adio grew from a startup to one of the five major skate footwear brands. He also ventured into other businesses, showcasing his natural talent for running successful ventures.

Chris Miller currently serves as the chief creative director of NBC’s Alli Sports, and despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to compete in select contests. Over the past decade, Chris has dominated the masters division at the Vans Pool Party, winning eight out of 10 times.

Chris Miller Skateboard Videos:

Summer Sessions Skateboard Video (Sure-Grip International), 1985
"With Eric Grisham and friends from L.A., Del Mar, San Francisco, Honolulu, and Las Vegas skating ramp, pool, street, freestyle, and more!"

Vision / NSA: Ramp N' Rage Skateboard Video, 1987
"Ramp & Rage 1987 NSA Stone Mountain Vert Skateboard Contest Entire Contest sponsored by Vision. Featuring Alan Losi, Jeff Grosso, Craig Johnson, Lance Mountain, John Gibson, Mark Ragowski, Nicky Guerrero, Alan Midget, Jeff Jones, Steve Schneer, Tom Grohlski, Lester Kasai, Chris Miller, Monte Nolder, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Buck Smith, Ken Fillion, Eric Nash, Reese Simpson, John Gibson, Bobby Reeves, Henry Gutierez."

"That was rad seeing Kevin Staub pull a 540 during his final run.It's even cooler seeing these guys still skating."

Gullwing: Molecules Of Motion Skateboard Video, 1987

"Featured Skaters: Mark "Gator" Rogowski - Ken Park - Chris Miller - Tony Magnusson - Jeff Kendall - Steve Schneer - Jason Jessee - Erik Jueden - Gavin Troy - Dave Crabb - Steve Claar - Paul Parry - Keith Wachter - Don Pollard - Ron Allen

Featured Terrain: Landsdowne Skatepark MD - Ramona Ramp CA - Mission Beach Streets CA - Imperial Ditch CA - Ken Park's Ramp CA - Pipeline Skatepark CA - Shut Up and Skate Contest Houston TX - Eastern Assault VB VA - Del Mar Skate Ranch CA - Blowout Chicago IL - Holiday Havoc Anaheim CA - Concourse Parking Garage San Diego CA

Featured Bands: Sister Rae - Wailing Wall - Incomplete Monday - Infrared"

"30 fucking years ago.....unreal. One of the best soundtracks ever too."

"I watched this film so much as a kid. The music is rad, timeless and mysterious."

Goin' Off! Skateboard Video, 1989
"Real Skate Stories brings you the 1987 skateboarding classic video "Goin' Off!" by Tony Roberts/ TR Productions. Shot entirely on 16mm and Super 8 film, it shows the beginning of the P.O.V. follow angle that TR pioneered that would become the go to sk8 angle for filming lines. The varied soundtrack and unique camera angles lead way to corny skits that can only be described as representative of the times: The beginning of street skating and subsequent harassment. Non branded and 100% for the love, Goin Off captures a bygone era in skateboarding when the tricks were being invented on the daily and with style.

The quote from the VHS box read: "Skateboarding today has surpassed all preconceived limits. Witness the top pros and hot amateurs GOIN' OFF! A hardcore performance skate film by Tony Roberts."

Skaters: Natas Kaupas, Chris Miller, Christian Hosoi, Jason Jessee, Jaya Bonderov, Keith Meek, Jay Adams, Corey O'Brien, Mickey Alba, Mickey Reyes, Monty Nolder, Neil Blender, Steve Alba, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Magnusson, and many more!

Soundtrack: T.C.B Posse - City Beat Mock - Clock House Big Medicine Head - Trespassing On The Sun Ed - Geronimo Human Race - You've Got A Piece Of My Heart Ital Warrior - Kick Up Blast! - Bones Thongs - Rengee Caustic Notions - Let It Be Wrecking Machine - Merge Ben Chaput - Echoes In D Love American Style - Greg's Little Sister Raging Cockroaches - Telling Them Billy D & DJC - Magic Skate Beat Box Fight or Flight- Ethan Meixsell The Red Room - London Lover ©1987 All Rights Reserved - T.R. Productions"

Gullwing: Full Power Trip Skateboard Video, 1990
"My favorite skateboarding video. Filmed in the summer of 1989 and released in 1990. Tons of Ben Schroeder, Matt Hensley, Damon Byrd, Chris Miller, & Gator in this video. If anybody knows the songs by the bands "Baby Tomatoes" and "All Soul's Day."

"Nice combination of vert, pool, mini ramp and street skating. Many legends in this video."

"I put this on all the time, sometimes just for the soundtrack. This was one of a few VHS tapes that was just on constantly when we were kids and just takes me back to those days."

Planet Earth: Now 'N' Later Skateboard Video, 1991
"Always felt 1991 was a golden era for skating. Loved the progression up to that point, the boards were still fairly wide with rails and the tricks were being done with such style and power. Just before the super technical and ugly big pants small wheels new school era."

"When Rodney Mullen got away from Powell and pure freestyle and went to World Industries with Daewon or far behind him, the technical aspects took off really fast. Back in 90 and 91 there wasn't even a name for some of those flip variations . When Real Small Wheels and Fat Man jeans started up I didn't switch up at all. Couldn't tell me nothing with my Sal Barbeir deck with G&S blue trucks and Neon Orange G&S Plaids wheels that were quite a bit bigger than standard OJ 2s or anything of that nature. I'd give much to spend a week back in 91."

Acme: The Acme Skateboard Video, 1992