About Steve Rocco - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

About Steve Rocco - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

Who is Steve Rocco?

Steve Rocco, born on January 16, 1960, is an influential entrepreneur, skateboarder, and provocateur figure in skateboarding history.

Steve Rocco hails from the United States and made his mark first as a freestyle skateobarder, going on to help push the beginnings of street skating, then on to make a massive impact on the skateboarding industry (and in turn skateboarding as a whole) in the 1990s!

His passion for skateboarding led him to co-found the iconic skateboarding company World Industries alongside the legendary Rodney Mullen in 1987.

World Industries disrupted the skateboard industry with unconventional marketing strategies and artistic collaborations.

Rocco’s ads were direct, resonating with skateboarders of the time. He co-founded several other influential skateboard brands, including Blind Skateboards, 101 Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards, and Duffs skate shoes.

His business-oriented mindset contributed to his impressive net worth of $20 million+.

In 1992, Rocco founded the skateboarding magazine Big Brother. Big Brother was a no-holds-barred publication, free from censorship. It exposed industry idiocy, showcased raw skateboarding culture, and pushed boundaries. The magazine featured controversial content, including shocking photos, pranks, and irreverent humor. Steve Rocco’s vision was to inform skaters about what was “really going on” in the skateboarding world.

Rocco’s ads and marketing campaigns stirred controversy. He challenged the status quo, pushing boundaries with provocative content. His refusal to conform led to clashes with established skateboarding magazines like Transworld Skateboarding and Thrasher Mag.

Rocco sold World Industries Skateboards in 2002 and stepped back from the skateboarding business. His story was captured in the 2007 documentary "The Man Who Souled the World".

On the 26th of March, 2004, it had been announced that Steve Rocco has made a comeback to skateboarding. His involvement with Sidewalk Distribution has been announced.

Sidewalk Distribution, a skater-owned and operated distribution, represents the future of skateboarding and Steve Rocco is on a mission to finish what he set off to do in the first place - kill off skateboarding for good!! ;)

See below for the official comeback announcement of Sir Steve Rocco at Sidewalk Distribution!!



My story is quite well known, so there is no need to bore you with too many details. I started World Industries in 1987, and then within a few years of starting some other companies run by skateboarders, we had virtually eliminated vert and freestyle and thus became known as the company that destroyed skateboarding.

After flooding the market with worthless cartoon characters, I sold the company and walked away, believing my mission was accomplished. It has, however, come to my attention that skateboarding is still alive, but barely.

Therefore, I would like to announce that I am joining Sidewalk Distribution to finish off skateboarding once and for all. Then everyone can rest and enjoy their lives once again.


Steve Rocco"

Steve Rocco Skateboard-related Videos:

Steve Rocco: The Man Who Souled The World (Skateboard Documentary Video)

"THE MAN WHO SOULED THE WORLD (2007) tells the story of Steve Rocco, the irreverent genius who transformed the skateboard industry from corporate to skater owned with a do-it-yourself punk attitude. Steve's antics and entrepreneurial impact on the skateboard business are huge and have ultimately had a significant influence on broader mainstream culture as Steve is the man who gave Spike Jonze his first directing gig, discovered Jason Lee and created Big Brother Magazine which became the genesis of Jackass."

Steve Rocco, Hall of Fame 2022, Skater / Icon Inductee Video

"Love him or hate him Steve Rocco is a legend. as a freestyle skater in the 1970's and early street skating pioneer in the 1980's to recreating the skate industry in his own image in the 1990, it's safe to say that skateboarding would not be the same without Rocco."

"Rocco changed it all!!"


Below: "Skateboarding legend Steve Rocco on a quarterpipe on the Strand in Hermosa Beach in the late 70s."

"SPOT is a legendary photographer and music producer. He is well known for producing many of the early releases from Black Flag, the Minutemen, Misfits, Descendents, Meat Puppets and Husker Du (among many other bands from that era) and he was also a prolific photographer and sharp-eyed chronicler of life in LA and the South Bay during the 70s and early 80s."

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