Bargain Defected Skate Sticker Packs and our New Facebook Group!

Bargain Defected Skate Sticker Packs and our New Facebook Group!

First off, we have a new Facebook Group -

Why join?

  • We are uploading ALL the stickers we've ever sold as one large Archive - OVER 6,000 Skate Stickers at the moment but this will constantly be updated with new arrivials. Note that many of these are no longer available to purchase, merely for checking out the vast amount we have listed over the years.
  • Get the latest updates before anyone else of when new arrivals are added to the site - beat the rush on the many rare ones we have where there are only 1 or 2 available!
  • Special offers only on the Facebook group.
Please join us



We have also recently been adding packs of defected stickers to our site. We still have a fair few hundred to add so if you wish to buy any that are listed and wait to see what else is added, please buy/pay for the ones you want, then message us to not send your order until all have been listed. We will then refund any excess postage and send your stickers in one parcel. If we don't hear from you, we will automatically send out the ones you have bought.


Please note that the majority of these are defected in some way - mostly slightly creased, sticker residue on the edges, or minor misprint.. 

They should all be fine when stuck (apart from the misprinted ones) - we just don't want to sell them as individuals as they are not 100% perfect.  In many cases you will not even notice anything wrong with them. 

Furthermore, if you are unhappy with what you receive (we highly doubt you will be), we offer a full refund including return post - as long as they are sent back to us in the same condition they were sent to you).

Click here to see them all

Keep checking our future newsletters in order to be one of the first to hear about all our latest arrivals, special offers etc.