Adio Footwear is a skate shoe brand that was created in 1998 by legendary skateboarder Chris Miller.

The legendary skate footwear brand aimed to provide high-quality skate shoes that combined style, durability, and functionality for skaters of all levels.

Adio had an impressive team of skaters, including some of the skateboardings biggest names:

Tony Hawk: The legendary skateboarding icon himself.
Shaun White: Known for his insane snowboarding skills, he also rocked Adio shoes.
Bam Margera: Legend.
Jeremy Wray: A rad street skater with mind-blowing tricks.
Steve Berra: Co-founder of The Berrics skatepark.
Jamie Thomas: Founder of Zero Skateboards and a true street skating icon.

Also, Ed Selego, Danny Montoya, Steve Nesser, and Kenny Anderson: All influential skaters who proudly represented Adio Shoes.

Adio shoes were known for their comfort, durability, and unique designs. The brand’s full-length skate video titled “One Step Beyond” showcased their team’s incredible skills and contributed to their popularity in the early 2000s.

Skaters appreciated the wide fit of Adio shoes, making them a favorite for those with broader feet.

Adio stood out for its authenticity and commitment to skateboarding culture and vibes.

If you're wondering What happened to Adio Footwear?, unfortunately, the brand faced challenges. It was initially owned by K2 Sports, but when it no longer fit their portfolio, they shut it down. It changed hands multiple times, losing some of its former glory.

Despite Adio's ups and downs, the Adio Footwear brand remains a nostalgic name for skaters who remember its impact during the late '90s and early 2000s—a skate shoe brand that had a powerful impact on skateboarding during the 2000s.

So, if you ever spot a pair of vintage Adio shoes in the wild, know that they carry a piece of skateboarding history!

Adio Skateboard Videos:

Adio Footwear: One Step Beyond Skateboard Video
"From the makers of Adio Footwear, One Step Beyond is a stunning visual and action masterpiece. Directed by Josh Stewart (Static), the video features the entire Adio team in there best video parts yet! Smooth, stylish skateboarding, incredible technicality, and some of the gnarliest stunts ever performed are combined with amazing graphic effects (by Jose Gomez, Andre Stringer) to bring you one of the most original skateboard videos ever made!"

Adio Footwear: Rock Adio Skateboard Video
"It brings me a lot of nostalgia, even though I've only been skating for 12 years, it brings back good memories! It seems that skateboarding in those years was more fun, much more fun".

Adio Footwear: Bam Margera - Making of One Step Beyond
"Check out some behind the scenes from Bam's "One Step Beyond"