About Doomsayers Club

Doomsayers Club was founded in 2012 in Sacramento, California, as the brainchild of Nike SB pro Omar Salazar. The name is a jab at the naysayers who can derail your efforts or serve as a source of inspiration, depending on how you choose to respond to their words.

Doomsayers is well-known for its "the end is coming" mentality and the grim, pessimistic (yet eventually true) graphics and recurring themes found on their skate decks. It ought to go without saying that their products are of a superior grade. The company's identity is based on real shit (in all senses of the word) and a tough demeanour.

After being approached to design a logo for the incredibly well-known Independent Truck Co. and ultimately collaborating with them, the Doomsayers Club received praise from the skateboarding community.

Doomsayers have many skateboard-related products for you to buy including: Doomsayers Decks, Doomsayers Clothing, Doomsayers Coozies, Doomsayers Griptape, Doomsayers Hoodies, Doomsayers Long Sleeve Shirts, Doomsayers Patches, Doomsayers Pins, Doomsayers Sweatpants, Doomsayers T-Shirts and of course Doomsayers Stickers!

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