About Grind King Trucks

Grind King Trucks was founded in 1988 by Donald Cassel. Cassel had deep roots in the Venice and Dogtown skateboarding culture, and had been skating the local pools back in the 70s. His most significant contribution to skateboarding was the invention of the high-performance inverted kingpin. This design aimed to enhance how skate trucks grind. Because this groundbreaking invention was essentially a “Grinding Kingpin,” Cassel aptly shortened the name to "Grind King."

Grind King’s signature inverted kingpin system was truly groundbreaking and came with the following advantages over regular skate truck kingpins:

  • Lower Kingpin Clearance: The design offers the lowest kingpin clearance, allowing for smoother and longer grinds without hang-ups.
  • Improved Performance: The inverted kingpin enhances the overall performance of skate trucks, making them ideal for grinding tricks.
  • Reduced Breakage: The curved edge on the inside baseplate helps prevent board breakage during intense sessions.

Grind King continued to innovate, addressing issues found in previous truck designs with the latest model being the "Disrupter":

"An updated design offering the lowest kingpin clearance with the classic Grind King inverted kingpin design. This truck will take your grinds to the next level by providing smoother and longer grinds without kingpin hang ups. The curved edge on the inside baseplate will help keep your board from breaking. Inverted Kingpin Technology with a built-in washer / bushing system. Soft to Medium Bushings Installed."

Grind King Skateboard Videos:

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