About Spitfire Skateboard Wheels

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Spitfire is a skateboard wheel brand that has been making wheels since 1987. In 1993, the company put out a film called Spitfire. The company also makes skateboard bearings, skateboard tools, griptape, soft goods (like T-shirts, gloves, and caps), skateboard stickers, and accessories (like bags, wallets, and air fresheners).

As of fall/autumn 2012, notable team riders from the company's roster include Bryan Herman, Andy Roy, Peter Hewitt, Theotis Beasley, Peter Ramondetta, Erik Ellington, Dennis Busenitz, Andrew Reynolds, Sean Malto, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Trevor Colden, Grant Taylor, Dylan Rieder, Chris Pfanner, Vincent Alvarez, Louie Lopez, Eric Koston, Chris Cole, Omar Salazar, Mike Mo Capaldi, John Cardiel, Tyshawn Jones, Mike Anderson, Shane O'Neill, and Guy Mariano.

Riders on the Spitfire team have shared parts of videos in the 21st century, either to introduce the team or to go along with the release of a new product. Notable video parts include Reynolds' introduction part, Capaldi's introduction part (in the form of a mock "Sponsor-me" video), and Daewon Song's promotional part for the "Enter the Daewon" signature wheel model.

The Spitfire Video (1993)