About Stereo Skateboards / Stereo Sound Agency

Stereo Skateboards was founded in 1992 by two long-time friends: Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) and Chris Pastras. These creative minds recognized a gap in the skateboarding industry and decided to inject fresh creativity into the sport. Their vision was to create a skateboard brand that stood out with timeless, classic, and original inspirations.

Stereo Skateboards introduced a “retro-modern” design aesthetic to their skate graphics. Their style was a departure from the typical cartoony, blood-and-guts-filled designs prevalent in skateboarding at the time.

Stereo Sound Agency Skateboards sponsored several talented skateboarders, contributing to their influence in the skating community, and while the roster has evolved over the years, some notable riders associated with Stereo include:

Jason Lee (co-founder): A legendary skateboarder and actor.
Chris Pastras (co-founder): A skilled skateboarder and influential skateboarding figure.
Ethan Fowler: Known for his distinctive style and creativity on a skateboard.
Matt Rodriguez: A stylish and influential street skater.
Carl Shipman: From the UK and a respected name in the skateboarding world.

Jason Lee and Chris Pastras also released two groundbreaking skateboarding videos for Stereo:

“A Visual Sound” (1994): This film used 8mm film , black and white still photography, and avant-garde music, defying the norms of skateboarding videos.

“Tincan Folklore” (1996): Another skate video masterpiece that continued their unique approach to filmmaking.

As of now, Stereo Skateboards continues to be an influential brand with over three decades of heritage.

Stereo Skateboards Videos:

Stereo Skateboards: A Visual Sound Skateboard Video
"Yes. A Visual Sound (1994). My all-time favorite skate video from my high school skating days (1993–1996). I watched this repeatedly, and it always got me excited to go skate. It also helped me realize that style and doing your own thing were way more important than being tech- and trend obsessed. Stereo’s incorporation of non-skateboarding influences into their aesthetic stood out immensely during this time and they really had made their own niche in the landscape."

"This is the kind of skate video that gets better the more you watch it. Didn't appreciate it as much back in the 90's as I should've since the skating and the music weren't what was considered "cool". Skaters in my town were either hip hop heads, punks, or alternative rockers and anyone who didn't fit into the mold was shunned. Glad that Stereo did and still does their own thing. Just got a new Stereo board, the first one since 1995, and it is like meeting an old friend whom you haven't seen in a long time."

"This is still my favorite skate video of all time. Its the perfect embodiment of what SF used to be. Who was or wasnt on acid doesnt really matter, the photography and reels of everyone goofing off in nature is just what skateboarding and being human is all about."

"Absolutely love this video, it has influenced my skating so much. Kudos to Chris Pastras and Jason Lee for setting this skate company up, brings back the culture to skateboarding. Being an avid lover of jazz AND skateboarding, it makes me tear up knowing that there are people out there who care about the world and how skateboarding fits within it."

Stereo Skateboards: Tincan Folklore Skateboard Video

"An underrated masterpiece."