A Day in the Life of Maurio McCoy: On Tour With Santa Cruz Skateboards Video

"Check out a special day in the life with Maurio and the rest of the crew in Mexico stacking clips and celebrating Fabi's birthday!"

Courtesy of Santa Cruz Skateboards

"Always good to see Eric. He always brings the good vibes."

"What a great team! What a great company!! From the years before to the years coming!! That's Santa Cruz Skateboards!! Been watch'n and skate'n since 84! And am as old as the company! Love it!"

"Hell yah good vid! Me and lil bro just picked up some of the VX boards, got that mccoy twin tail! Crazy how time flies! Feels like yesterday me and bro were skating the Double Decker Am Jam and watching Mccoy huck kickflip back lips on the rail! Respecttttt. Keep it up Santa Cruz!"