About Billy Ruff - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

Billy Ruff started skateboarding at the tender age of 12, and by the time he was 15, he had already turned pro!

Throughout his professional career, Billy Ruff rode exclusively for G&S Skateboards (also known as G&S Skateboards).

Billy Ruff regularly competed against other skateboarding legends including: Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi, along with fellow G&S teammates, Neil Blender and Chris Miller.

Between 1983 and 1985, Billy Ruff won over fifteen skate contests!

One of his most significant contributions to skateboarding was the invention of “The Unit”, an early-grab trick that served as a precursor to regular 540s/mctwists.

G&S Skateboards was Billy’s first and only board sponsor, but he also had sponsorships from Gullwing trucks and YoYo wheels.

Billy’s pro model skateboard decks featured some of the coolest graphics, although he wasn’t a hands-on artist himself. Talented individuals like Lynn from G&S and Mique Willmott played crucial roles in designing these iconic graphics. While Billy had several memorable graphics, he doesn’t specifically mention a favorite. However, his artistic vision and collaboration with talented artists resulted in visually striking designs.

After a near 20-year break, Billy has rediscovered his love for skateboarding. He’s back at it, hitting reservoirs at the local park and enjoying every moment. Additionally, he’s ventured into the world of electric skateboards, and has started his own electric skateboard company.

Billy Ruff’s legacy extends beyond his impressive tricks and pro model decks. He’s a true skateboarding pioneer who continues to contribute to the sport even after all these years.

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Billy Ruff Skateboard Videos:

Billy Ruff & Steve Caballero, Del Mar Skate Ranch, 1981 Skateboard Video
"Billy Ruff skating the keyhole at Del Mar around April of 1981, plus a couple of Steve Caballero's runs from the Del Mar/Tracker Pro Am in the summer of 1981."

Billy Ruff, Del Mar Pro/Am Pool Skateboard Competition, 1985 Skateboard Video

Billy Ruff - 1980s Era 1 Inductee, 2021 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Skateboard Video
"Both Billy Ruff and Tony Hawk were just on another level when skating the Del Mar Keyhole. Those were the days."

 "I saw him skate Boys Club Ramp in San Francisco in 1985. He was blasting huge airs that day too. I think he is the first vert pro I have ever seen skate. I wuz blown away. I had a couple of his boards. A true skate legend!!!"

"That stalled invert was insane"