About Chad Muska - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

Chad Muska, born on May 20, 1977, is an American professional skateboarder, musician, and entrepreneur. His journey in skateboarding is nothing short of legendary: His impact on the skateboarding industry is undeniable, with a career spanning decades and numerous achievements.

Chad Muska was born as Chad Michael Muska in Lorain, Ohio.

His interest in skateboarding blossomed after he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where his father lived. This move provided him with ample opportunities to explore skateboarding culture and improve his skills on the vibrant streets of Phoenix.

As a young person, he observed neighborhood kids skating and became captivated by their moves. He even borrowed their boards to try out tricks. This early exposure ignited a passion that would drive him to pursue a career in skateboarding.

Muska’s passion for skateboarding ignited, and he never looked back.

Muska eventually moved to Mission Beach in San Diego, California. Armed with very little money, a sketchbook, and a portable cassette player, he immersed himself in skateboarding and art. Muska's dedication to his craft paid off as he quickly gained recognition in the skateboarding community.

Maple Skateboards was Muska’s first-ever skateboard deck company. He appeared in the 1994 video Rites of Passage. Maple Skateboards was Muska’s first-ever skateboard deck company, showcasing his innovation and commitment to the skateboarding industry.

Later, he joined Toy Machine, a prestigious team among professional skateboarders. Muska played a crucial role in facilitating Elissa Steamer’s sponsorship. This experience solidified Muska's reputation as a leading figure in the skateboarding community.

As of December 2021, Muska’s sponsors include:
Ghetto Child Wheels
Brooklyn Projects
Supra Footwear

Transworld SKATEboarding magazine listed Muska as the 12th most influential skateboarder of all time in December 2011.

His impact extends beyond skateboarding; he’s also known for his involvement in breakdancing, hip-hop, and graffiti scenes. He is a multifaceted artist with a wide range of creative interests.

Muska’s creativity isn’t limited to skateboarding. He’s a musician and an entrepreneur.

His journey from being homeless to legendary status is a testament to his resilience and passion.

Remember, Chad Muska isn’t just a skater; he’s a cultural icon who left an indelible mark on the skateboarding world.

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Chad Muska | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 15
"Chad Muska discusses growing up in Arizona & Vegas, moving to San Diego, sleeping on the beach, getting on Maple Skateboards, skating with Jamie Thomas and filming for the Toy Machine video “Welcome To Hell”, getting kicked off Toy Machine, picking the Shorty’s team, designing his first Es shoe, the first Shorty’s video “Fulfill The Dream”, his part in the Transworld video “Feedback”, getting on Circa Footwear, leaving Shorty’s, designing his Supra shoe the Muska Skytop, skating for Element, his partying days, Muskabeatz, working on his artwork and much more!"