About Eric Dressen - Pro Skateboarder Profile, Biography and History

Eric Dressen is a skateboarding legend, who has put an indelible mark on the world of skateboarding!

Eric was born on September 16, 1967, in Los Angeles, California, and at the age of eight, Eric received his first skateboard, igniting a lifelong passion for the sport/lifestyle.

Laura Thornhill, another prominent skateboarder, discovered Eric while he was skating a pool in Torrance. Impressed by his natural talent, she introduced him to Skateboarder magazine editor Warren Bolster, which led to his spot on the Logan Earth Ski team.

At just ten years old, Eric Dressen became the youngest skater ever featured in a “Who’s Hot!” section after being photographed on the opening day of Skatopia Skatepark.

By the age of 12, he had turned pro and rode for Alva Skates. His high-speed, all-terrain style set the standard for others to follow. Eric pioneered wall rides and is credited with inventing the salad grind (often referred to as the “Salad Dressen”).

Over the next six years, he secured back-to-back world street champion titles, along with his boards being among the best-selling decks in the '80s and early '90s.

Eric Dressen is mostly associated with skateboard sponsors: Santa Cruz Skateboards and Independent Truck Co. along with Vans Skate Shoes.

Eric Dressen is not only a skateboarding icon but also a professional tattoo artist. He has been tattooing for several years and has worked with fellow skaters, including Geoff Rowley and Torey Pudwill.

Eric Dressen continues to skate and represent the holy trilogy of Santa Cruz, Independent, and Vans. His setup includes a Santa Cruz board, Independent trucks, Bronson bearings, and OJ wheels. Eric’s hybrid setup allows him to cruise or shred with ease, showcasing his timeless style and influence on skateboarding.

Eric Dressen Skateboard Videos:

Santa Cruz: Speed Freaks Skateboard Video
"In 1989 skateboarding was still universal... pools, ramps street, ditches, downhill, freestyle and anything else that looked like fun!

The Speed Wheels team was stacked and skater/producer Tony Roberts came in hot with his innovative angles and camera and editing techniques.

Video itself was brand new as a medium and Speed Freaks set the foundation of what was to come in the future.

Skaters: Christian Hosoi, Danny Way, Eric Dressen, Tom Knox, Mike Vallely, Natas Kaupas, Neil Blender, Jeff Phillips, Jason Jessee, Jeff Grosso, Jeff Kendall, Julian Stranger, Rob Roskopp, Ron Allen, Scott Oster, Steve Alba, Tony Magnusson, Keith Meek, Anders Pulpanek, Aaron Murray, Brian Brannon, Bryan Pennington, Butch Sterbins, Corey O’Brien, David Nielsen, Don Fisher, Jim Thiebaud, Jimmy Acosta, John Gibson, Ken McGuire, Monte Nolder, Simon Levine, Reese Simpson, Brad Baxter, Claus Grabke, Dave Donalson and more. Music: Blind Idiot God The Tar Babies Alter Natives Bl'ast The Leaving Trains Gone Screaming Trees Descendents Firehose Dinosaur Jr. Blood On The Saddle Black Flag Hickoids" Real Skate Stories

"Still one of the best videos ever. Dressen's part was the best and relatable to everyone."

Santa Cruz: Risk It: Gambling With Gravity Skateboard Video

"1990... Ramps and pools still ruled but street skating was coming in hot. The skaters were encouraged to show their skateboarding versatility in their parts, if they were into it, by skating various types of terrain. What a time, and what a point in skate history. filmed/ edited by Tony Roberts"

"Risk it is a masterpiece. I still have the vhs signed by Danny Way. This is one of the Videos that kept me motivated to go skating when all my friends quit. 30+ years later, while i‘m writing this, i am on my way to skate a vertramp. Dear Tony, thank you very much."

"Oh, MAN! Life-changer vid for me as a kid! Dude… the skating… the MUSIC!!"

"So stoked to see this. This video along with useless wooden toys felt like it was marking a difference when I was a kid. A move away from Powell and H street and towards modernity. When skating street became less concerned with moving through the terrain (all we really wanted to do was cruise the streets like ‘citizens on patrol’)and more in sticking to a spot and trying a bunch of stuff. What I wouldn’t give to have the legs and back of a kid again."

Santa Cruz: A Reason For Living Skateboard Video

"A skateboarding film by Rich Novak, Rob Roskopp & Steve Keenan

Skaters: Eric Dressen, Tom Knox, Jeff Kendall, Corey O'Brian, Bod Boyle, Jeff Hedges, Steve Alba, Mike Youssefpour, Fred Olande, Jordan Richter, Natas Kaupas, Alan Peterson, Jim Thiebaud, Julien Stranger, Tony Henry, Curtis Stauffer, Mike Conroy, Jeff Whitehead, Blake Hannan, John Gaviola, Sean Andrew, Jason Monroe, Kevin Rucks, Mike Prosenko, Jim Namba, Dave LeRoux, Joe Spalliero, Peter Hewitt, Troy Sliter, Ross Goodman, Brian Boyd, Andy Roy, Aaron Devine, Bushka Videl, Derek Williams, Paul Wisniewski, Beaze Lovelace"

"Man this brings back great memories of my youth."

"Thanks for the video, best footage ever. Real skaters, real tricks, no posers, no superstars...santa cruz rules!!!!"

Santa Cruz: Right To Exist Skateboard Video
"Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to present "Right To Exist." The first full length Santa Cruz Skateboards video since 2005. Filmed over the span of a year and a half and featuring Kevin Braun, Eric Dressen, Blake Johnson, Tom Remillard, Steve Alba, Mikey Curtis, Tom Knox, Dylan Williams, Tom Asta, Erick Winkowski, and Emmanuel Guzman. Santa Cruz Skateboards was founded in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman."

"Dressen is the fucking man. So much respect for that dude. Seems like a real down to earth, humble person. I'm 42 and have been skating 35 years and lately it's all I want to do."

"This is a very good skate video with a 90s vibe to it. Love"

"This video is right up there with the greats, ripping skating, thumping soundtrack. Thank you S.C"

"Dam, 30 years after repeatedly watching wheels of fire then streets of fire. Personally I rather be back in that era like a groundhogs day situation, but thanks for keeping SC on its original format of hardcore skateboarding.Although I grew up in orange county skating, I always favored SC over the local big companies near me.I wore your clothes, bought your boards up until the slick era and watched your videos religiously!"

"What a wonderful surprise. I absolutely love the aesthetic of this video. It gives it that '80's-'90's skate vid feel. Also, it's awesome how they mixed the old and new schools together. Always nice to see Dressen. And Tom Knox's part brought a tear to my eye. Loved how it compared and contrasted his old skate footage with new skate footage. And the pros of today, skating his spots of yesterday. And even though there isn't a weak part in this video, Tom Asta's part was my favorite. He's just so solid and has such good style. Everything looks bolts when he's on screen. Methinks he's going to be '18's BATB's champ. Anyway, good stuff right here. Oh, and great soundtrack too."

"eric dressens front 5-0s are so proper omg"

"This Instantly became one of my favorite videos in existence! Wow!"

"Best video I've watched since the 80's and it definitely has that vibe. Congratulations Santa Cruz on making something this sick."