Girl x Sean Cliver Skull of Fame Sticker Pack - 5 Stickers

Sean Cliver's iconic style and subject matter for skateboard graphics is a huge part of skateboarding lore and allure.

The Girl Skateboard Company's original Skull of Fame series launched in 2015 and was instantly another Cliver and Girl classic.

Four years later, Cliver has partnered with Girl once again to create the second installment of the Skull of Fame series.

Left to right: Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, Simon Bannerot, Sean Malto, Tyler Pacheco

Each skull started with a sketch in Cliver's sketchbook. Sean then penciled the full-size artwork, and inked the final render. Finally, he colorized it to create the final graphic (see black and white pics of the original artwork).

Come sealed in retail packaging as shown.

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