As a former Powell Peralta pro and freestyle skateboarder, Per Welinder wanted to stay involved with skateboarding after the craze of the late '80s died down, so he decided to launch his own company.

At first, Welinder wanted professional skateboarder Lance Mountain, who was sponsored by Powell Peralta, to join the business as an equal partner. Mountain said no because he insisted on having full control over any skateboard company he might start, hence The Firm Skateboards, which Mountain later founded (now defunct).

Welinder later approached fellow pro skateboarder and Powell Peralta teammate Tony Hawk with an offer for a 50/50 partnership in their new venture. Hawk accepted with glee, knowing that the decline of vert skating due to street skating's rise was the end of his career. In honour of Hawk's moniker, "Birdman," Welinder and Hawk have named their new skateboard company "Birdhouse Projects."

Birdhouse Skateboards Team (current at time of writing)

Tony Hawk
Aaron Homoki
Ben Raybourn
Clint Walker
David Loy
Lizzie Armanto
Clive Dixon
Shawn Hale
Elliot Sloan
Reese Salken
Felipe Nunes
Reese Nelson

Birdhouse Skateboards Team (former)

Jeremy Klein
Willy Santos
Steve Berra
Matt Beach
Andrew Reynolds
Heath Kirchart
Rick McCrank
Brian Sumner
Jeff Lenoce
Steve Nesser
Shaun White
Riley Hawk
Bucky Lasek
Mike Frazier
Paul Zitzer

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