Alvin Singfield and Dan Magee started Blueprint, a skateboard company, in 1996. At first, it was only offered in the UK, but as the company grew, so did demand around the world. Its goods were sold in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Blueprint and its intellectual property (IP) used to belong to Joe Burlo, but they were sold to Max Dufour at Pure Distribution LLC in California.

History: Alvin Singfield and Dan Magee ran Blueprint, which was owned by Faze-7 Distribution.

In 1978, Joe Burlo opened a skate shop in Enfield called Faze-7. In 1995, team manager Alvin Singfield came up with the name Panic Skateboards. The next year, he and Dan Magee started Blueprint as a sister brand to Panic.

In the UK, Faze 7 Distribution was in charge of putting out Blueprint. Faze-7 also owned MI-7 Distribution, which was based in Huntington Beach, California, and was in charge of selling Blueprint, Panic, and Octagon wheels in the United States.

Rob Selley, Mark Baines, Flynn Trotman, Dan Magee, Ewan Bowman, and Mike De Geus were the first sponsored team riders for Blueprint. Colin Kennedy, Paul Shier, Matt Prichard, Jon Weatherall, Pieter Janssen, Louis Slater, and John Cattle were the first sponsored team riders for Panic.

Videography PNC/Blueprint: A Mixed Media Released 1996.

Only in the UK is it on VHS cassette. A joint venture with the now defunct Panic Skateboards. The video is an important part of the history of skateboarding in the UK. It shows some of the oldest footage of some of the most important skateboard spots in UK history. Places like the Central Milton Keynes Bus Station and the South Bank Undercroft in Central London. Several thousand copies of Mixed Media were sold.

PNC/Blueprint: Anthems Released 1997.

Anthems are sold all over the world in both PAL (for Europe) and NTSC (for the US). This release also saw the combining of Blueprint Skateboards with the now defunct Panic Skateboards.

Build and Destroy Promo Released 1999.

Promo video included at the end of 'Through the Eyes of Ruby'. This was meant to be the 411 Industry part of Blueprint at first.

Waiting For The World Released 2000.

You can only get it on a VHS cassette. Waiting For The World really set Blueprint apart as a team and showed everyone how talented the riders were and how much the UK has to give.

First Broadcast Released 2001.

This release, which was only on VHS tape, showed again how skilled and varied the team was. This release also had parts from friends like Unabomber Skateboards and Organic Skateboards (now called Landscape Skateboards).

The Belong Tour Released 2002.

You can only get it on a VHS cassette. This release is about the whole Blueprint team's tour of the UK and is probably the least well-known of their works. There are songs by Elliott Smith on the album. The best part of this movie is the short clips at the end of the tape of the team and their friends street skating.

Lost and Found Released 2005.

It can be bought as a DVD. In order to shoot their video parts, the team went on almost non-stop trips across the whole of Europe for two years. Then, on March 12, 2005, nearly 1000 skaters saw the opening of Lost And Found in London. The next 2-disc DVD set came out soon after, and it was praised all over the world. It also had its first showing in almost every country in Europe, the US, and many other places around the world. The release has taken Blueprint to a whole new level. Danny Brady and Nick Jensen, who were both part of our strong student programme and had their first big video parts in Lost and Found, were both turned pro after the DVD came out.

Danny Brady, Neil Smith, Scott Palmer, Ben Grove, Paul Shier, Vaughan Baker, Michael Wright, Colin Kennedy, Chewy Cannon, Mark Baines, and Nick Jensen are some of the riders on this DVD. In the credits, you can see names like Stephan Morgan, Tuukka Korhonen, Ste Thompson, and Conhuir Lynn. Easter egg parts are written by Paul Carter, John Fisher, and John Rattray.

Make Friends With Marty
Released 2010.

Online advertising video that shows clips from the rest of the team and welcomes US pro rider Marty Murawski to the team. This clip was a preview for 'Make Friends With The Colour Blue,' the next full-length Blueprint DVD. Marty video that had already been shot couldn't be used in the upcoming DVD because the cameras wouldn't work together. This was a good way to use the footage.

Make Friends With The Colour Blue
Released 2010.

Available in DVD format. With the help of US riders Marty Murawski and Kevin Coakley, the brand was publicly introduced to a new audience in the US. The resulting DVD, called "Make Friends With the Colour Blue" (or "MFWTCB" for short), has team riders from all over the world and may be the most polished Blueprint project to date.