Hook-Ups Skateboards was created by Jeremy Klein in 1993. It is known for its distinctive use of Japanese animation-style female characters and monsters in their graphics. These playful and eye-catching designs set them apart from other skateboard brands, often depicting playful, provocative, and fantastical scenes.

Before launching Hook-Ups, Jeremy Klein rose to prominence as one of the original riders for Steve Rocco’s World Industries company. He later switched to Birdhouse Skateboards, founded by the legendary Tony Hawk.

At the time of its inception, Hook-Ups was part of the Blitz Distribution family, which also distributed other skateboarding brands like Black Label, and SK8Mafia.

Hook-Ups released several skateboarding videos, showcasing their team’s skills and the brand’s distinctive style, including:

“Asian Goddess” (1994): One of their early video releases.
“Destroying America” (2001): Another notable video that captured the essence of Hook-Ups.

While Hook-Ups had its heyday in the '90s and early 2000s, its prominence has waned over time. However, the brand’s legacy lives on through its iconic graphics and the impact it made during its active years.

In summary, Hook-Ups Skateboards carved out a niche with its playful and anime-inspired graphics, and Jeremy Klein’s vision left an indelible mark on skateboarding culture. Although the brand may not be as prominent today, its influence remains part of skateboarding history.

Hook-Ups Skateboard Videos

Hook-Ups Skateboards: Asian Goddess Skateboard Video

"There will never be another decade as great as the 90's."

"So cool to see that he thanks Elizabeth Fraser in the credits, the vocalist of Cocteau Twins. Surprised by how much Shoegaze music is in this vid."

"This is pretty incredible, I started in '96 but none of the older heads in the neighborhood had a copy of this so I had no idea it existed back then. The music, the anime cutaway inserts ... you could almost imagine this being put out today, it feels ahead of its time yet also of its time."

"Talk about ahead of its time. 30 years ahead… Not until now has anime/Japanese pop culture and skating intersected and is more or less not looked down upon. Skating and anime were definitely hated on generally back then and if you liked both? You might as well be an alien."

"Truly one of the greatest skate tapes of all time. Everyone was on point with their parts"

Hook-Ups Skateboards: Destroying America Skateboard Video

"This is worth seeing. Worth archiving. Worth sharing. Worth discussing. Worth watching a handful of times and dissecting.

It's a piece of history. A piece that is noteworthy and worth remembering. It is art mixed with choreography mixed with pop cult nonsense, mixed with pure unadulterated boyishness. It is beautiful. It is ugly. It is the guy from chips buying donuts and letting his cruiser get used and abused like no other. It's a beautiful companion to the video The End by Birdhouse. It is worth noting that if Ya don't know, now ya know... because when you see kids skating today, it may or may not be exactly the same ol' thing it used to be, but the truth is, it just simply isn't. Granted, this is from an era where skating was already becoming a commodified piece of sloppy seconds, but there really is something to that. Skating will always be to those who know, the rise and the fall, it will always be that one friend who gets you, but moves away and still thinks of you when she drinks, which is every night. It will be, always was, and even in alternate universes, it that one pure true thing, that transcends idiotic behavior (which is shown in all its glory in this video).
) transcends trends, transcends what is "In" and exists simply as a form of beauty and harmony in world that more often than not exhibits little more than flatlines for those keeping score..

So tip your glass, take your puff, eat your protein and remember that it's not all total garbage out there. There are still people who think like you and want to see a world that isn't far off from your own idea of "ya this is cool". Peace and love and ride a skateboard. But don't bust yer A."

"I completely forgot about this video & probably haven't seen it in well over 15+ years. But within the first 30 seconds (after hitting play) so many memories came flooding back to me! All the hi-jinx, the great skating, it was an onslaught of warm and fuzzy feelings. Most of all, it reminded me of my younger days with my skate crew, & when we'd watch the video, it was like looking into a mirror. We were doing the same stupid, moronic, and quasi dangerous stuff purely to entertain ourselves on a regular basis.

This video to me is like a time capsule that I look back on fondly and would give anything to relive it."

"I grew up on these videos. Heath and Jeremy nailed it. Looking back, they are like a couple of badass skate ninjas that look like Bill and Ted grabbed a 5th and couldn't put it down. Mad love, my skate Brethren."

14 Things You Didn't Know About Hook-Ups Skateboards

"In the 90's an odd little skateboard company gained a cult following, without a team or any of the industry standard 'must haves' to build a brand. Jeremy Klein launched this niche little sub brand to Birdhouse without ever leaving the team. In this video we discuss Jeremy Klein's career, The start of the brand, Hook-Ups Shoes, the blockbuster sign, artwork & much much more."