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Zoo York is a skateboard company based in the United States that serves the skateboarding industry. Skateboards, t-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, hats, and fanny packs are all products that the brand sells.

The skate company was named after one of the longest-running skate teams in New York City, the Soul Artists of Zoo York.


The company was founded in 1993 by skateboarders Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner, and Adam Schatz, who started their own business after Smith's company, Shut, lost a legal battle over trademark infringement. By incorporating elements of graffiti and hip-hop culture into their products, the brand quickly rose to prominence on the East Coast. Initially sold to Marc Eck in 2001, the Zoo York brand transferred ownership of its name to the Iconix Brand Group four years later.

In 2019, Zoo York's original partners came back to the company as creative directors to lend their expertise in branding, design, and strategy. New licensees and collaborations were also a point of discussion for the board. Iconix Brand CEO Bob Galvin state that "partnering with the creators of Zoo York will help us reconnect to the brand's origins in New York City street culture and regain credibility".


The company is known for its mixtape series released on VHS.

Mix Tape (1998)
Peep This (1999)
Heads (1999)
E.S.T (2000)
E.S.T 2.0 (2001)
E.S.T 3.0 (2002)
Unbreakable: Mix Tape 2 (2002)
City Of Killers (2003)
E.S.T 4 (2004)
Ellis Island (2005)
"Vicious Cycle" (2005)
Welcome to Zoo York City (2006)
State of Mind (2009)
Z.Y Field Agent Report (2010)
the Chaz Ortiz video (2012)
true east (2013)
King of New York (2013)
Eastern Conference (2016)

Skate Maps, a Zoo York production shown on Fuel TV, follows the band as they go from city to city. Thrasher Magazine's "King of the Road" is a cross-country skateboarding contest that featured a team from Zoo York in 2007.

Former team riders

To name just a few: Brandon Westgate, Burton Smith, Harold Hunter, Ricky Oyola, Danny Supa, Quim Cardona, Chaz Ortiz, Hamilton Harris, Jamie Story, Zered Bassett, and dozens more.

Zoo York Skateboards Skateboard Stickers available here to buy now!