About Creature Skateboards

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In 1994, Russ Pope, a well-known artist and former team manager for Santa Monica Airlines, founded Creature Skateboards. The company ceased operations in 1995. With the help of Santa Cruz's art director Lee Charon and team rider Darren Navarrette, Creature Skateboards was resurrected and brought back into the spotlight in 2005.

Skaters have always been drawn to Creature Skateboards because of the exciting brand and trademark of horror-themed designs and graphics. Creature Skateboards' fan base is fiercely loyal despite the brand's macabre reputation. If you're an old school skateboarder searching for the creepiest designs, look no further than Creature Skateboards. Because of the brand's use of a distinctly eerie green colour and creepy details and graphics, skateboarding in Santa Cruz was never the same. When Russ Pope left the company in 1998, production of Creature Skateboards ceased. A new chapter in the history of the legendary skateboard company began in 2005 when Lee Charon and Darren Navarrette relaunched the company.

The company's specialty is making skateboards with animal graphics. The Creature is designed for skaters interested in spooky or horrifying artwork. Seven layers of Maple provide strength and durability in the decks. The decks feature "evil" imagery like dragons, devils, skeletons, and snakes, as well as the recognisable Creature logo. The company also sells skateboard bushings, colourful tie-dye grip tape, skateboard wax, and rails, which are all of high quality and built to last. Creature Skateboards also sells customised and pre-assembled skateboards if you don't have the time to put together one yourself. Creature Logo Speedway Skateboard Decks and other skateboarding components are on display at Billion Creation.

Those who have ever seen a Creature Skateboarding t-shirt will never forget it. Some of Creature's most sought-after tees are stocked at Billion Creation, including the white Pale Death, black Creature logo Feast, and white Creature Dressen Pachuco.

Team members: Al Partanen, Chris Russell, Cory Juneau, Darren Navarrette, David Gravette, Jimmy Wilkins, John Gardner, Josh Rodriguez, Kevin Baekkel, Milton Martinez, Peter Raffin, Ryan Reyes, Sam Hitz, Scizzors, Steven “Lefty” Breeding Jr., Stu Graham, Taylor Bingaman, Truman Hooker and Willis Kimbel

Notable Creature Skateboards Videos: Heshers on the Run (1996), Fiends (1997), Born Dead (2006), Black Metal (2007), Hesh Law (2009)

Check out the Creature Skateboards Stickers we have available right now to buy!