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New Deal Skateboards started back in 1990 after the founders Steve Douglas, Andy Howell and Paul Schmitt became frustrated with big board companies at that time.
The three came up with "The New Deal" Skateboard brand, which had a  DIY ethic and put out one of the most influential street skating videos of all time "Useless Wooden Toys". Known to be one of the first influential street skating videos, it was also filmed on regular home video style camcorders. This video was then followed by "1281" which was another classic and included many songs by memorable powerpop, punk, rhythm and blues band "The Odd Numbers", who also featured on the infamous "15 minute promo", along with "Useless Wooden Toys".
The New Deal went on to have massive popularity throughout the 90s, and were well known for their grafitti inspired skate graphics, created by Andy Howell.
Unfortuntately The New Deal had to call it a day back in 2002 but have made a come back in 2019, with re-releases and new graphics.
Riders that are part of the New Deal Skateboards story include:
Andy Howell, Ron Knigge, Steve Douglas, John Montesi, Danny Sargent, Chris Hall, Andrew Morrison, Rene Matthyssen, Fred Orlande, Justin Girard, rick Ibaseta, Ed Templeton, Mike Vallely, Armondo Barajas, Hazze Lindgren.
Artists that are part of the New Deal Skateboards story include:
Shepard Fairey, Marc McKee, Steve Caballero, The Odd Numbers, Buff Monster, DALEK, Chad Muska.
Andy Howell
"Only a few years later in 1990 we decided to start New Deal, and it launched with a bang, rising to number 3 brand in skateboarding in the first few months. I would draw from all my skate, art, and music experiences to brand the company, create the logo on a napkin, drive the look and feel with a little bit of yellow, turn wall pieces into graff-inspired board graphics, write stories and layouts for ads, help direct the videos, and design apparel like tees and the ever-baggy Big Deals Jeans. 
We didn’t realize it at the time, but In many ways  those first few years helped pave the way for today’s skateboarding."
Steve Douglas
"It was a fun and exciting time hiding out at his house in Costa Mesa, California in early Spring 1990. Andy and Gorm were making the art, and I was working with the team, on the 15 minute promo video, and setting up the international distribution. We had to keep all this quiet from Vision as we needed to keep getting our board royalties from Schmitt Stix. Unfortunately our cover was almost instantly blown...
When we were ready to launch and wanted to let the distributors know, we still wanted to keep Paul's involvement quiet for as long as possible. What we didn't realize though, was that Paul's fax machine added his name and number to the top of every fax sent from it! Paul Schmitt and his fax number right there for everyone to see… BUSTED! The word was definitely out and it was another push for skater owed and run companies, ND was a big part of that change that we are really proud of to this day."
Professor Paul Schmitt
"Spring 1990 was a really fun time with the team hiding at my house in Costa Mesa and having the freedom to create Art, Catalogs, Videos, and Skateboard Products the way we wanted to. Most of the Promo video was shot over the prior 3 years with my personal SVHS video camera. These first videos were edited deck to deck in order. Steve Douglas spent a lot of hours making it just right."
"I had not told Vision that I was walking away from Schmitt Stix at this point so we were playing it quiet. Due to the riders being from my Schmitt Stix Team the curiosity and rumors were flying and riders were still being paid by the old boss. The Promo video shipped out to skate shops with the same secret approach with video of the actual products we had been working on filmed in my backyard. We were just doing what we wanted to do, not even clear if anyone wanted it."
*useless (The NEW DEAL Video Collection) 1990-1992

An utterly useless collection of skateboarding trickery and unrelated antics from the same degenerates that brought you NEW DEAL in the early 90’s. Things will never be the same, Again.

- 15 Minute Promo
- *useless wooden toys
- twelve eighty-one
- best of remix
- bonus content over 80 mins

Bonus content includes: Steve Douglas, Andy Howell, and Paul Schmitt talk about the making of the early New Deal videos. The Odd Numbers live. Socrates Leal, the Early Days. Harrow / New Deal Connection. And much much more…