About Toy Machine Skateboards Skateboard Brand

Ed Templeton launched the skateboard brand Toy Machine in 1993. Ed Templeton, who is also a professional skateboarder, is the owner and founder of the skate brand. Toy Machine Skateboards operates under the Tum Yeto distribution company and is currently based in Costa Mesa, California. However, its original location was Ed's hometown of Huntington Beach.

The selection of skateboard decks and parts available from Toy Machine is extensive. They are well-known for their strong 7-ply maple decks featuring various graphics such as aliens, goofy faces, and closeups of cartoon eyes, all drawn by Ed himself!

Over the years, Toy Machine Skateboards has released an extensive collection of awesome skate videos featuring the likes of skaters including:

Austin Stephens, Bam Margera, Brian Anderson, Chad Muska, Charlie Coatney, Diego Bucchieri, Donny Barley, Elissa Steamer, Ed Templeton, Ethan Fowler, Jahmal Williams, Jamie Thomas, Jason Acuña (Wee Man), Jerry Fowler, Joe Nemeth, Johnny Layton, Josh Harmony, Kerry Getz, Matt Bennett, Mike Maldonado, Panama Dan, Pete Lehman, Thomas Campbell, Josh Kalis and Satva Leung.

Toy Machine Skateboard Videos include:

Live! Skateboard Video

Heavy Metal Skateboard Video

Welcome To Hell Skateboard Video

Jump Off A Building Skateboard Video

Berzerker Skateboard Video

Sucking The Life Skateboard Video

Good & Evil Skateboard Video

Suffer The Joy Skateboard Video

Lurk Fest Summer Tour Skateboard Video

Brainwash Skateboard Video

The Subhumans Skateboard Video

The Re-education Of Jeremy Leabres Skateboard Video

Vaccine Skateboard Video

Scorched Earth Skateboard Video